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DSML's "Media Machine"

DSML from Seattle Washington. 
This recording features Dan "Noah Fence" Madison (vocals), Carlene Heitman (guitar), Brian Bean (bass) and Ryan Gill (drums) recorded in Seattle June 19 and June 26th 2016.

Originally recorded in 1983 as "Orwell" - the song was recorded and mastered quickly, then erased - leaving no options for a proper mix.  

Then in 2016 during a visit to Seattle, Dan Madison re-recorded the song with help from former DSML bandmate Carlene Heitman - with Sky Penis members Ryan Gill and Brain Bean.

Over 30 years later the song still remains relevant.

"One Question" with Ryan Gill - Spaghetti Tricks

This week we explored the complex world of Spaghetti - from garlic bread to garlic, and our musicians and photographers responded with some fantastic tips.

"What's the trick to a delicious spaghetti dinner?"

Lachele Leigh Photography

Reed Hutchins (Kings of Cavalier):
"You got to make sure you add wine and sugar to your sauce - and always drink while you cook."

Alex Sibbald (Toe Tag):
Garlic bread - Gotta toast it open face under the broiler.  Make your own garlic butter, don't get the pre-made stuff.  (I use minced garlic and real butter).

Make sure that it's evenly buttered - taking care to get it all along the edges.

Preheat the oven so the bottom gets toasted also.
If you don't the bottom doesn't get toasted, and that's just bread.

(photo: Tobias Cron)

Eric Elliott (Pink Muscles):
I think it's best when the pasta is 'al dente' and the sauce is not too sweet.

- I load the sauce up with garlic powder, bay leaves, minced onion and a little olive oil.  Add some spicy Italian sausage and you may have done the trick.

(Image by Ben Workman)
"Well you cook the noodles 'al dente' - soft noodles are for tossers and 
sheepshaggers.  Anyhow you get that done with, then pour a bunch of sauce on top.  But don't stop there!  Add a 
tiny drizzle of sriracha, one fast circle of Bragg's liquid aminos, a healthy but reasonable amount of garlic powder and a BUTTLOAD of onion powder.  Stir and then try not to get any down the wrong pipe as you rapidly skarf the delicious end result."

Jay T. Conrad (Person):
"Get someone else to make it for you - or have someone else make it for you, rather, maybe..."

Adam Dahlquist (CrawlerGnarlene and the Frisky Pigs):
Serve pasta puttanesca.

Spaghetti puttanesca is yummy and easy.  It's heavy on the spaghetti and light on sauce, but the sauce packs a punch.
Garlic capers, anchovies, red pepper flakes.
Red red wine too of course.
- And some fuckin salad.

Liz Porcayo (Skies Below):
"Spaghetti has to have a great ragu sauce. I enjoy it with tons of garlic, 
mushrooms (minced), a nice crusty garlic bread, and 'al dente' pasta. YUM!
Oh and how did I forget the cheese! Pecorino Romano of course.

Brent Morgan (Brent Morgan Photography):
The trick begins with the noodle - It can't be too soft or too firm.  The noodle must be half mast. 
No, not 'al dente' you brainy bastards - half mast....this is important! 

To confirm the noodle is just right, invite a friend over and place the noodle in their hand. Wiggle it around and look your friend straight in the eyes and ask them if it's wet enough.

If your friend looks disgusted, they are not yet ready for
the noodle and you must try again.

If you receive a smile, you're ready to proceed to step two.
For some reason this leads to sex and Burger King.
I should've been Italian...

2016 - Ryan Gill
for PunkRockDiner.com

"One Question" with Ryan Gill - PreShow Food

This week I asked thirteen fine musicians what they prefer eating before they play live. 
They responded - and there is certainly a common theme.

"What do you typically eat before you play live?"

Chris Schanz Photography

Anthony "Oni" Timm (The Deadrones):
"As little as possible, but nachos are my favorite pre-show meal."

Vitz Photography

Micheal Correa (Warning Danger, The Heels):
"Usually something light.  I don't wanna have to take a shit midway through the set."

Joe Chase Photography

Jason "Slimmy" Jacobs (Pinned Red):
"Something light....salad with protein and take some ginseng.....is a must!!!!"

Against the Grain Photography

Josh Danford (White City Graves, Klaw):
"I try to eat something besides beer.. Usually whatever is free or I can get a discount on since I really never have money, but if I had to get specific.. chicken strips or fish and chips.. try to keep it mild.. no one likes to rock on heartburn and indigestion."

Brent Morgan Photography

Joey DeMartini (Disenchanter):

"Burger, fries, and a tasty crisp cider. 
Cheese and bacon whenever possible"

"I can't eat anything at least 5 hours before I play because of the way I fling myself around and angry up my blood - I'll end up burping it all back up. No booze either, I'm like some fasting buddhist monk before I go on.
Now afterwards is a totally different story: I crave absolute crap... like tv dinners or 18 jimmy dean sausages and eggs covered in ketchup - I go full on white trash.  It's like I leave the house as Kwai Chang Caine and I come home as Cousin Eddie."

Kevin Spollen (Radioshark):
"Anything home-made. Can't risk stomach issues at gig time. Favorite is pasta."

Brent Morgan Photography

"Sometimes I'll eat whatever cheap crap the venue has, but I tend not to eat a bunch before I play because it makes me sleepy. You can't hype a room with a food coma."

Chris Schanz Photography

Joe Syph (Truth Decay):
"That depends upon if my wife is home before I leave for the show."

Photo: Phil Smith

Robert Dollison (Stereo Creeps):
"Usually a burger"

Brent Morgan Photography

Gary Hughes (Greenriver Thrillers):
"I don't eat before I play. I drink beer though."

Jeff Tobin (Sleepcapsule, Pukesnake)
"It's important to have food in your guts to provide energy for the performance, but if possible, plan a meal that your body is comfortable with... not much worse than having to take a seat on a pissed and puked on toilet minutes before it's time to go on. 
- That said, lately I really enjoy vegetable fried rice that I procure from a secret Chinese establishment in Georgetown."

"I eat nothing. I end up getting a food cramp if I eat before I play"

2016 - Ryan Gill 

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