Punk Rock Diner is a music recording and promotion group.
Focusing on underground sounds of the greater northwest - past, present, and future.

We produce songs, albums, photos, and music videos - including live videos that are archived on YouTube and facebook.

Promotionally we design stickers, shirts, prints, and apparel.

Apr 4. 2020 releases the prophetic "Escape from Seattle" compilation

Balsa in Seatte 2015 at Lucky Liquor

The Crap in Seattle 2013

The Accused with John Dahlin sangin' 1983 at the Metropolis

The Fags in Seattle 1984 at the Lincoln Arts Center

The second time the Dicks played Seattle 1985

Great gig the Damned in Seattle and Aerobic Death on the bill 1983

Duff Mckagan and Blaine Cook 1982/83 ish in Seattle

The Deadrones 2015 at the Manette

Big Business, Infinite Flux in Tacoma 2015

Infinite Flux

Big Business

Black Flag in Seattle 1982 flyer

When Dez Cadena was sanging <3 1982